Public Works

Public Works
Street Department
120 South 5th Street   712-362-4542

Nick Danner Street Superintendent
Phil Rasmussen    Truck Driver
T.J. Kaltved     Truck Driver
Logan Dalen    Truck Driver
Ryan Van Wyhe    Truck Driver     
Maintenance Garage

21 South 5th Street  712-362-5320

Don Mustard, Jr.    Head Mechanic

The maintenance garage provides preventative maintenance and repair for the City's vehicles and equipment.

Repair and maintenance covers a wide variety of equipment including:

Dump Trucks
Garbage Trucks
Lawn mowers and mowing equipment
Pickup trucks
Snow plows and sanders
Emergency vehicles (Police and Fire)
Administrative vehicles

Records are kept for each piece of equipment that is worked on in the maintenance shop and these records are used when replacing equipment and vehicles. 

The quality of work done by our mechanics is critical to the operation of the City.
Solid Waste Collection

120 South 5th Street  
Dillon Ohl  Foreman
Zach Kilgore

The Solid Waste department is responsible for weekly collection of garbage from Estherville residential and commercial customers.  Garbage pickup for residential occurs on an assigned day designated by your address.  You can look up your day on the Solid Waste Route Map to see what day of the week your garbage will be picked up.  Holiday schedules are announced by news release and can be found in the Recent News section of the City's webpage.  Collection schedules vary for commercial and multifamily customers.

Under the residential collection system, part of the city’s collection and disposal fee will be included in the price of metered plastic collection bags.  The residents will also be billed $6.00 for collection service on their monthly utility bill.

Two types of bags (or service) will be offered by the city:  Curb Service Bags will sell for $6.00 plus tax per package of ten (10) and will be picked up at the curb.  Custom Service Bags will sell for $8.00 plus tax per package of ten (10) and will be picked up outside the customer’s house.

The requirements for residential collection are:

  1. Only official metered bags will be picked up.
  2. Curb Service Bags must be placed within five (5) feet of the curb along the collection truck’s route. Place bags at the curb the night before your collection day.
  3. Custom Service Bags must be placed outside the house or garage and be visible from the street or alley along the collection truck’s route. The bag must be setting outside of any container so that the collector will know he is to take the bag.  Please contact the City Administrative Offices at 712-362-7771 when you begin to use this service so they can notify the garbage crew.
  4. Maximum weight per bag is 50 pounds and bags must be securely tied.
  5. A special refuse pick up for large items, items exceeding 50 pounds, brush, or tree trimmings may be arranged by contacting the City Administrative Offices at 362-7771.
  6. The City’s representative may determine certain articles or amounts of material to be inappropriate for collection.
  7. Solid waste must be removed from the premises every week and must be stored between collections in such a manner as to prevent destruction by animals.

 Solid waste collection bags are sold at the City Utility Office in City Hall and the following stores: 

Fareway          Ace Hardware         Hy-Vee          Caseys         Kwik Star 

If you have any questions about days of collection or the solid waste system,
please call 362-7771.

Dumpsters can be rented for projects on a temporary basis.  See information below
Recycling is collected by an independent contractor on the same day as your garbage collection.  Recycling material should be placed in or near the red recycling barrel provided by the Utility Office.  A list of items acceptable for recycling can be found in this Recycling Information Flyer.

Collection begins at 5:30 a.m.