Public Works

Public Works
Electrical Distribution

Electrical Distribution Garage
20 North 1st Street

Electrical DistributionEstherville Municipal Electric operates a 7.2 / 12.5 kV system with approximately 3,200 meters.


Brad Friesner, Electric Utility Superintendent  b.friesner@cityofestherville.org
Mike Simon
Zach Nelson 
Justin Wolfe
Electrical Production

Power Plant

21 North 1st Street  

Power PlantThe Estherville Power Plant was established in 1894 and a Steam Engine was installed.  In 1915 the plant was converted to a Diesel Engine Plant.  Since then 14 different engines have been installed in the plant.  Engines were replaced with larger ones as the town’s usage grew.  The last 6 engines purchased are still in the plant with 5 of them operational.
Our engines consist of a 1946 Nordberg 6 cylinder at 2400 HP,  2 1960 Cooper Besser V-16 at 4710 HP and our youngest are 2 Enterprise V-16 at 5574 HP.
These generators provided electric power to the city until about the middle 1970’s when an agreement was made to purchase power.  The plant is now maintained for backup power and generates when incoming power is interrupted due to storms, etc.


Brad Friesner    Electric Utility Superintendent b.friesner@cityofestherville.org
Dale Bradley   Foreman
Cory Fisher     Operator
Joseph Weideman    Operator 
Mark Hall    Operator
Street Department
120 South 5th Street   712-362-4542

Nick Danner Street Superintendent
Phil Rasmussen    Truck Driver
T.J. Kaltved     Truck Driver
Logan Dalen    Truck Driver
Solid Waste Collection
120 South 5th Street  712-362-4542
Dillon Ohl  Foreman
Zach Kilgore
Maintenance Garage
21 South 5th Street  712-362-5320

Don Mustard, Jr.    Head Mechanic
Water Department

Water Plant
201 - 1st Avenue North  712-362-4215

Water Plant
Tony Gray    Superintendent - Grade III t.gray@cityofestherville.org
Kraig Kilgore    Operator - Grade II
Dustin Nelson    Operator
Seth Origer    Operator
Wastewater Treatment Plant
1878 Hwy 4   712-362-4162

Jeff Kautz    Superintendent - Grade IV
Ian Schmitz    Operator - Grade III
Bryan Morisch   Operator
Jesse Condon   Operator
Nick Larson    Operator
Zach Edwards    Operator