Water Department

Water Plant


Kraig Kilgore, Operator Grade II
Dustin Nelson, Operator Grade I
Seth Origer, Operator Grade I 

Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report
The Estherville water department is responsible for operating and maintaining an Iowa Grade III Water Treatment Facility and a Grade II Distribution System.  


The treatment facility was originally constructed in 1954.  The average daily flow is approximately 1,000,000 gallons of treated water.  Raw water is pumped to the facility from a combination of five deep wells from the Jordan Aquifer. The raw water is aerated and filtered through a series of six mixed media gravity filters that remove iron, manganese, and ammonia. After the gravity filters the water is pumped through four zeolite softeners to remove hardness. Chlorine is added for disinfection, caustic soda for pH control, and fluoride for dental health.


WaterPlantSofteners Once the water is treated it heads out into the distribution system. The system consists of four finished water towers, two booster stations, and a network of multiple sized piping to deliver the water throughout town. Water is also sold to Wallingford, and Iowa Lakes Regional Water.  WaterPlant2