Electric Distribution
     20 North 1st Street    712-362-4324  

The City of Estherville’s Electric Department maintains a 7.2/12.47 KV system with approximately 3200 accounts. The department is made up of a supervisor, foreman, lineman and a part-time locator.  The electrical distribution system is 88% underground with the remaining 12% being overhead.   In addition to maintaining the electrical system, the department is also responsible for maintaining security and street lighting, tree trimming to prevent power outages, handling customer complaints and service orders, locating underground utilities, metering and decorating the town for the holidays and other events.  The department employees take great pride in providing excellent electric service reliability and quick response times to power outages.



Brad Friesner, Superintendent
Mike Simon, Maintenance Foreman
Zach Nelson, Apprentice Lineman
Justin Wolfe, Apprentice Lineman
Devin Sliger, Journeyman Lineman

Electric Production
21 North 1st Street  712-362-3842  

The Estherville Power Plant was established in 1894.  Since that time the plant has seen many improvements and changes to keep up with the growing electrical demands. The department is made up of the Electrical Superintendent, Foreman, 2 operator/mechanics, and 1 operator/groundman. The powerplant currently has four V-16 diesel generators and one 6-cylinder diesel engine to generate electricity.  The plant can generate 10.4 Mw of electricity continuously.  The powerplant produced electricity continuously for Estherville’s needs until the mid-1970s when an agreement was made to purchase power from a supplier, since then the powerplant has produced power for peak shaving and emergency generating in the event we would lose tie to the transmission system. The Powerplant employees are committed to keeping the lights on in the time of need.


IMG_7193 Employees

Brad Friesner, Superintendent
Dale Bradley, Foreman
Cory Fisher, Operator