Records Requests

Police Records Requests
Police Records Requests

Custodian of Records:  Chief of Police Brent Shatto or Captain Nathaniel Dunlavy
Record requests will require a fee be paid in most instances. 
Requests for Calls Sheets or Driver Exchange:  Free if the request is made within 2 weeks of the
incident.  If outside of 2 weeks, a $7 fee will apply to the request.
Records Requests for Case Reports and other documents:
          $27 per hour with a minimum charge of $15 if under 1 hour for time
          expended during search and completion of the request. 
          Copy of Report in paper or electronic form:  .25 per page with a minimum of
          DVD/CD for photos, video and or audio:  $25.00 per disc
Accident Reports and Copies:  $7.00
All document fees are considered to be over and above the research fees