About Us

About Us

Estherville Police Department Staff

Chief of Police Brent Shatto 

Captain Nate Dunlavy

Sergeant Matt Reineke

Officer Tyler Van Roekel

Officer Ryan Arends

Officer Andrew Clayton

Officer Matt Adams

Officer Reno Doty

Officer Nick Helmich

Officer Jacob Hinrickson

K9 Officer Pepper


In an effort to assist departments with high risk incidents, a regional emergency response team
was formed in 1998. The Estherville Police Department, in cooperation with other
departments, formed what later would be called the H.E.A.T. team. H.E.A.T. stands for High
risk Entry and Arrest Team, and it exemplifies the very nature of the organization.
The team is available to all law enforcement agencies needing to resolve high risk situations
for which regular officers may not be equipped. Some of these situations are, armed subjects
barricaded inside a structure, execution of search warrants where there is the threat of
firearms, high-risk warrant service, hostage situations, missing persons, or any reason an
agency may need increased manpower for an event or disaster.

The team consists of four hostage negotiators, four sniper/observer teams, an administrative
liaison, two communications specialist, a technical specialist, a specialists in less than lethal
and chemical munitions, entry specialists, drone team, three team leaders and a team
Commander. All members on the team are expected to complete a basic training course. The
officers must maintain a high level of physical ability. Training is a high priority, and the team
meets once a month for at least eight hours to train as a group. Every H.E.A.T. team member
is expected to qualify with his or her particular weapon several times per year. Some of the
situations for which the team trains include active school shooters, hostage negotiations, field
searches, riot control, and building and residential searches among other training scenarios.
A department may join the H.E.A.T. team by completing an application and then, upon
approval, making a monetary contribution based on the population of the jurisdiction and the
number of officers the department commits to the team. Presently twenty eight police and
sheriff’s departments from Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota are members.
Team members thank all the individuals and organizations whose support helps to make them
one of the best trained teams in the area.
Police Reserve
Police Reserve
Since 1982 Estherville has maintained an active police reserve unit and has trained over fifty officers. Many of these officers have accepted police officer positions with police departments including ours. The Estherville Police Department takes pride in the reserve officers and considers them to be full-time partners. The groups interact regularly in their social life, training, and community.

The hired reserve officer enjoys the benefits and rewards of serving as a law enforcement officer. As college students, reserve officers gain practical experience, a working understanding of the tools and tactics of law enforcement, and opportunities to build friendships with members of the department. Many reserve officers find this experience valuable when seeking full-time positions after graduation. Often, officers find reserve experience to be a key factor contributing to their being hired. Skills learned as a reserve officer will benefit an individual for a lifetime.

The Estherville Police Reserve has a proud history and was originally composed of ten officers.
Reserve officers will certify in the following:

  • handgun
  • shotgun
  • impact weapons
  • chemical weapons
  • radar
  • stop stick deployment and emergency driving.

    Reserve officers will receive training in the following:
  •     laws of arrest
  •     vehicle pursuits
  •     defensive tactics
  •     high-risk patrol
  •     basic first aid
  •     evidence collection
  •     domestic assault calls
  •     PBT operation
  •     police radio operation
  •     traffic accident investigation
  •     child abuse investigations
  •     riot control
  •     traffic direction
  •     vehicle searches and general police duties.

Applications for the Estherville Police Reserve are available at Estherville Police Department
Headquarters, 114 North 6th St., Estherville, Iowa 51334.
In the mid to late 1980s the Estherville Police Department began to teach D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) in the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District. The primary focus was on the fifth grade, with some classes being taught in kindergarten through fourth grade when manpower was available.

Through the years several department members have attended D.A.R.E. Instructors' School
and have become certified D.A.R.E. instructors. After completing their training the officers work in conjunction with the school system, parents and community. They enter local schools and inform students about potential personal safety risks that may arise from using or abusing such drugs as alcohol, tobacco or other narcotics. The curriculum also focuses on teaching students how to be better human beings and discusses many social issues facing our youth.

Instructors work with the students on other issues also, such as self-esteem, consequences, ways to say no, and gangs. The officers' primary concern is to provide information students may use to make their own informed decisions.

The D.A.R.E. instructors of the Estherville Police Department look forward to continuing to provide the D.A.R.E. program in our community.
Mission Statement
Mission Statement

The mission of the Estherville Police Department is to serve and protect all citizens in a respectful,
compassionate and professional manner while providing the utmost in human dignity in every
• Improve the quality of life while maintaining respect for individual rights.
• Form strong community partnerships to enhance the trust of the citizens of Estherville in its Police Department.
• Continually work to improve our professional performance.
To partner with the community of Estherville in creating a safe environment for each and every
one of its citizens.
We value the opportunity to provide service that is courteous, responsive, firm, efficient, and fair.
We regard the members of our community as partners and indispensable resources in a combined
policing effort. Respect for the individual worth, dignity, and rights of all those we serve is the
foundation of our department.
We value and expect truth, honesty, and ethical behavior from the members of our organization.
We are committed to upholding our position of public trust by maintaining the highest ethical
standards and the utmost respect for the ordinances and laws of our state and nation. By virtue
of our oath of office and our role as law enforcement officers, we are dedicated in a special way
to the publics service and therefore carry the public's trust. We recognize that we must put the
needs of others ahead of our own.
We are proud of our community, our department, our accomplishments in the service, and our
commitment to quality law enforcement. We possess a great sense of pride serving our chosen
profession with the Estherville Police Department. Through our service, we:
• Give 1st priority to situations that threaten life.
• Use force only when necessary.